Power Magic Pro allows your BlackVue camera to continue recording when the ignition is off, while protecting your vehicle’s battery from being depleted.

Power Magic Pro powers your BlackVue in Parking Mode using your vehicle’s battery, while advanced power management circuitry ensures that your camera doesn’t deplete the vehicle’s battery when operating overnight. Power Magic Pro has a pre-set voltage cut-off level which prevents your dash cam from continuing to operate if the vehicle’s battery drops below a safe level.

Power Magic Pro is compatible with DR750-2CH LTE, DR750S, DR900S, DR590, DR590W, DR650S, DR650GW, DR450 and DR430 models.

BlackVue X Series models (DR750X/DR900X/DR590X) feature integrated power management circuitry, which can be configured in the BlackVue app, and do not require a Power Magic Pro for Parking Mode operation.

Power Magic Pro includes a convenient ON/OFF switch, providing two modes of operation as follows:

Parking Mode Switch ON: Power Magic Pro supplies your BlackVue with power even if the ignition of the vehicle is turned off, until it reaches voltage cut-off or timeout value.

Parking Mode Switch OFF: Power Magic Pro supplies power to your dash cam only when vehicle ignition is on.

Power Magic Pro allows you to configure both timer and voltage cut-off values. Power Magic Pro will cut the power to the BlackVue based on both Timer and Voltage Cut-off value, whichever comes first. The timer can be set from 6 hours to infinite.

In addition to the timer, Power Magic Pro lets you set a voltage cut-off value. As soon as the voltage from your vehicle’s battery drops to the cut-off value, Power Magic Pro will stop powering your dashcam, thus saving your battery.

Timer Cut-Off

You can configure Power Magic Pro to supply power to your BlackVue for a preset duration, from 6 hrs to 120 hrs, or alternatively, an unlimited time period. The timer function is only active when the vehicle’s ignition is off and automatically stops if ignition is on.

Regardless of the timer setting, the power is cut as soon as the voltage drops below the configured voltage cut-off value.

Low Voltage
Cut-Off Settings

When vehicle’s ignition is off, Power Magic Pro checks your vehicle’s battery voltage periodically while powering your BlackVue. If power drops below the set cut-off level, Power Magic Pro automatically cuts power to the dash cam, thus saving your vehicle’s battery life.


Installation of Power Magic Pro should be carried out by someone who has experience of auto-electrics. Power Magic Pro must be hard-wired into an ignition (+) circuit, a battery (b+) circuit and a ground (-) circuit. 

Most BlackVue dealers offer or can recommend a quality installer that can install Power Magic Pro for you (and/or your dash cam itself), allowing for a discreet installation where cables etc. are all hidden from sight. A video installation tutorial can be found below.


Model Name Power Magic Pro
Product Dimensions 8.5cm (W) x 4cm (D) x 2cm (H)
Rated Output Voltage DC 12~24V
Output Current Rated current 1A, Max. 2A / Under 200µA
Output Voltage Cut-Off 12 ~ 12.5V (±0.1V) / 22.8 ~ 23.2V (±0.2V)
Product Dimensions 8.5cm (W) x 4cm (D) x 2cm (H)
Output Voltage Restoration Cut-off voltage +0.2V and higher
Output Voltage Cut-off Timer Function 6 hours ~ Infinity