SD Cards

The SD card is a critical component in your dash cam set-up, with the security and stability of your footage paramount. Unfortunately not all SD cards are built equal.

There are hundreds of SD card manufacturers, and thousands of individual SD card products on the market, ranging dramatically in price, performance and unfortunately reliability. To ensure the best possible user experience, all BlackVue dash cams are supplied with a BlackVue branded SD card as part of the package.

BlackVue do not recommend the use of any third party SD cards with their products. The use of incompatible SD cards may result in lost footage and in some cases damage to the BlackVue dash cam itself, invalidating your cameras warranty.

Dash cams are really tough on SD cards, constantly writing (and then overwriting) large chunks of video to the card for long periods of time, in doing so inflicting damage to the card’s memory cells. Using an SD card that wasn’t designed for such high intensity daily work and doesn’t have the necessary technology to combat cell damage, will quickly result in the card failing permanently and its contents lost.

BlackVue high performance SD cards are specifically designed for use in BlackVue dash cams and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure maximum reliability.

They include wear levelling control technology and bespoke error correction code to minimise cell damage and guarantee long-life, even under prolonged and heavy use.

Should you require a replacement or additional SD card for use with your BlackVue product, they are available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB memory sizes from your BlackVue reseller or directly from the shop section of this website.